Vlad Dracula

Vlad Dracula

“Vlad Dracula”

In the mid 15th century, the time when the Balkans conflict still rages on, a young prince of Wallachia comes to stop the expansionist designs of Mohammed and to associate his name with the most heinous crimes in history.

To work "Vlad Dracula" follows the story of the life of the prince, as he describes himself, until the moment of his arrest: hostage-fugitive-husband-father-prince-soldier and one of the biggest killers in history. A man with hunger for revenge who exceed the limits of time and guilt for the sins he committed.

What is the true story behind the myth?
Whatever the answer, this prince is something else ...

"Vlad Dracula"
Director: Dimitri Logothetis
Music - Sound: Yannis IATRIDOU
Lighting Design: Kostas Papatheodorou
Production Manager: Dimitris KOUMARIANOU
Production Manager: Poppy Zanara
Performed by George Adamantiades